What Are the Different Types of Children’s Car Seats?

Among the many children’s car seats on the market today are: Rear-facing baby seats, carrycots, two-way seats, forward-facing child car seats, booster seats, and travel systems.

Lets take a brief look at some of them.

Seats for newborn babies to 10kg or 13kg

Sometimes called baby car seats, but usually called infant carriers because they have a handle. The baby always faces rearward and is strapped in with a harness. Can be in either the front or back seats (SAFETY NOTE: Never put a child’s car seat in the front passenger seat if there is an airbag fitted, make sure the airbag is deactivated).

Seats for newborn babies to 10kg

This is a pram carrycot which has a harness designed to hold the baby when in the car. The advantage is that the baby can lie undisturbed but this kind of seat takes up a lot of space in the back seat. It is commonly believed that a rear facing baby car seat offers better protection than this kind of car seat.

Seats for newborn babies to 18kg

This is again a rearward facing seat on the front passenger seat or back seat. These are usually more permanently place in the car, but they are sturdy and long lasting. Some models can be used forward facing too, when the baby is old enough.

Seats from 9kg to 18kg or 25kg

Forward facing on the front or back seat. They have their own seat belts but some models can utilize the car seat belt when the child is older. Some models can recline.

Seats from 9kg to 36kg

Can be used in the front or back and can face forwards. The child and seat are secured with either the car seat belt or ISOFIX fitting. When the child is big enough, about 15kg, the back of the seat can be removed to make a booster seat. Some models have adjustable sit widths for the good eaters.

Seats from 15kg up to 36kg

Usually called booster seats they are suitable from 15kg to 36kg. Very easy to take in and out of the car

From 22-36kg, booster cushions

Front or rear seat. Uses the adult seat belt, as it doesn’t normally have its own seat belt.

From 15 – 36kg

Width and height adjustable car seats that adjust to fit your growing child. Some models have adjustable backrests. They are secured with the cars own seat belt or with an ISOFIX fitting.

Travel Systems include a range of seats which you buy depending on circumstance. This could be a chair which fits directly on to a pram chassis, which is really convenient if your baby is sleeping. Remember, it is important that the seat sits firmly and securely in your car. For your child’s safety the seat must be fitted securely. The best way to ensure this is to use a seat with an ISOFIX system.

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