Safety 1st Designer 22 Review

Having a baby is one of the most challenging things a couple has to face. It may be fun and exciting, but the challenges are never-ending and nerve-racking! A lot of preparations must be made even before they arrive and there are a lot of things to buy too!

One of the things you can’t go without is a car seat. Not only are car seats very important because they make our babies safe during road trips, it is also required by the law that babies should be in a car seat when riding a car.

It is a bit confusing when looking for the right car seat, but there is one great car seat that most parents love. It has received a lot of great reviews, is made by a great brand, and has obtained high ratings. Read on to know more about this one!

Safety 1st Designer 22 Infant Car Seat Review:

• This one is very safe for your baby since it has a side impact protection to securely cradle your baby in case of a car crash.

• It includes a head support, allowing your baby’s necks and heads stay straight. This helps them avoid having their necks crooked.

• It also includes clear instructions on how to install it, how to adjust harness positions, and how to place the child in the seat. It has 4 harness heights, allowing you to adjust it according to your baby’s height preference. It also has a 3-position stay-in-car base.

• This one can also be carried anywhere since it includes a carrying handle.

From all the features stated above, you are really assured of your baby’s safety! Other parents love this one and I’m certain you’ll love it too! If you’re looking for a cheap car seat but have received a lot of good feedbacks from owners, then you’ve come to the right place! Safety 1st Designer 22 is really a good choice!

Another thing I love about this seat is that it has side impact protection. When you have this feature in a car seat, it helps contain the head of your baby while reducing crash forces and side impact from a vehicle.

When it comes to your child’s safety, it definitely can’t be compromised. Between things like enhancing their safety in the car, supervising them while swimming, and putting up baby gates around the house, you can protect them from the everyday dangers of life.

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