Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat

This is the sporty type of seat that makes your toddler feel real special when they are riding around in the backseat of your vehicle. It has a cup holder to hold the drinks for the toddler. It also features netting in the front that the toddler can use to put their toys, crayons and coloring books if they like. Some toddlers like to put small cars and action figures but no matter it is a super sporty looking seat. The Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat is designed to be safe and secure while your baby or toddler is riding in the vehicle.

The seating is made of plastic so you can clean it up with a quick wipe down. You can also replace it with different padding to change the look of the seat or simply to make it look fresh and brand new. The car seat comes with the 5-point harness that helps keep your child safely inside the seat. You only need to make sure that the seat is installed properly and that the child is properly buckled into the seat.

The seat will support the weight of a child from 5.0 lbs up to 47.0 lbs and the seat itself weighs 15.5 lbs. it is very easy to install in the back seat of your vehicle but it should be installed securely. When it is properly installed it will protect your child against a sudden impact that would happen during an accident. That is why most parents prefer to have the Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat for their child’s safety.

Source by Lauren Dzuris

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