Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base – Nitro Black – US Version

Price: $499.00
(as of Sep 23,2019 03:26:43 UTC – Details)

Doona Infant Car Seat with Base A brand new car seat with a unique feature – the Doona car seats integrated wheels flip down to convert into a complete travel system! We were absolutely amazed by the Doona car seat – it is as unique as it is safe – and that “very” for both! The Doona is a car seat with integrated wheels so that it can easily flip from being a car seat or even an on the ground rocker into a stylish push travel system for your loved one. The Doona has passed safety tests as both a car seat and also as a stroller and is the only product to have done so. The system is all integrated so that the wheels fold away underneath the car seat ready to simply flip out when you are ready to leave your car. The handle extends upwards ready to push. When the Doona wheels are folded away then the handle can be used both to carry the infant carrier but also can be extended when on the floor to enable easy rocking of a baby. Can you leave your baby in the Doona while you flip from stroller to car seat? You sure can! The Doona is quite tempting to parents who are forever in/out of their car and especially tempting to parents who fly on airplanes a lot. The Doona is narrow enough to drive down the aisle of the airplane (I know – you thought they were definitely too wide right? 🙂 and if youve paid for a seat for your infant you can just flip up the wheels and place the infant seat down. The attachable changing bag and the smaller parent console bag are great accessories any parent would appreciate. The hood is a good size and is thick fabric. There is a wedge included to make the seat flatter short term for a newborn but this is not a lie flat seat. Nowadays most parents are choosing strollers that can adapt to hold their car seats and the Doona rollable car seat is the best solution. Specifications: Includes – Doona Car Seat stroller – Donna Car Seat stroller base – Complimentary vehicle seat protectorDimensions: 17″ w x 23.6″ H x 26″ L
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Weight Capacity: 35 lbs

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