Buying a Travel System V/S Separate Stroller and Car Seat

In theory a travel system for babies works out great. A coordinated set of stroller and seat designed to work together that match too seems like something that every parent would love to own. But when it comes to actual use many parents say that the travel system doesn’t work and that buying a separate stroller and car seat is the best choice for new parents.

Travel systems, like many different baby gear items, come in a wide range of prices and quality. High quality systems can function like a dream and have top notch equipment but they usually come with a hefty price tag. Less expensive ones come with lower quality equipment that can be a huge hassle for parents. You may be able to get a higher quality stroller and car seat at better prices buying them separately instead of buying a travel system. Check out this advice on buying a travel system versus buying a stroller and car seat separately from experienced parents:

A travel system comes with limited options: When you buy one, you are limited to buying equipment that is included in the system. You will have several items to choose from but it’s entirely possible that a different manufacturer makes a car seat or stroller that would fit better in your vehicle or be easier to use. Buying coordinated items isn’t always the best choice. Don’t be sucked into trading function for cute color coordinated items.

You might pay for equipment you won’t use: Many first time parents buy a lot of equipment for their baby that they end up not even using. You can save money buying just a high quality car seat instead of a system and then buying a stroller later on if you need it. Some parents find that they use a sling or a carrier much more than a stroller. If you decide later on that you need a stroller you can always pick up a universal stroller frame. Universal stroller frames are less expensive than other types of strollers and almost any car seat will snap right into the frame.

Travel systems can be clunky: A lot of parents who buy systems regret it when they find out that the strollers that they have to pick from don’t fit easily into vehicles or through doorways, or are heavy and difficult to use. The car seats often are rear adjustment seats which can be a pain to adjust. From a practical standpoint it is often better for parents to choose individual pieces from different manufacturers that fit their lifestyle instead of buying a travel system. When you have a baby it’s important to have equipment that works with your family’s unique circumstances.

Source by Annie L Smith

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