Britax Regent Youth Car Seat

The Britax Regent Youth Car Seatst is made to be a comfortable, reliable, and safe option for older children who still need to sit in a child seat in the car. Designed for children up to 80 lbs, the Regent includes the highest safety standards and some of the most innovative solutions on the market.

Installation is made to be very simple for parents, with push button LATCH connectors and versa-tether anchor aids that secure the seat firmly in place. The tangle-free five-point harness is made of tough polyester that can resist wear and tear during years of heavy use. It attaches quickly, with one hand, without any complicated procedures or unnecessary straps. It also is fitted with convenient belt holders that that keep the harness off to the side so the child can enter the seat easily. Once inside, the harness fits over the shoulders, hips, and collarbone, and can be adjusted into four different shoulder slots to make for a snug fit over the child.

As safety goes, Britax is second to none in its reliability and innovation. The seat is equipped with the HUGS (harness ultra guard) system for maximum support and protection. Made of energy absorbing EPS foam, and a thick layer of comfort foam, the system softly and firmly supports the neck and chest, which can protect the child against the harmful forces of a crash and keep him or her comfortable and relaxed during long road trips . It also prevents improper fitting of the harness and chest clip. The entire seat is also lined with the EPS foam, so in the event of an accident, the child is safe as the seat diverts the harmful forces away from the body.

The seat is designed to make life on the road easy and stress-free for parents and children alike, and it contains many features that allow for an enjoyable car ride. First of all, the seat is made to be very comfortable; with the thick layer of foam lining that supports the child's body from every direction. The plush padding can suit many quiet naps, and many peaceful car rides. Also, there are mesh storage pouches on the side so the child can have easy access to toys and snacks. Included too are cup holders, making the ride a little easier and less messy.

The Britax Regent offers some of the highest safety and reliability standards available, and their products reflect a genuine care for the safety and fun of car rides for both children and parents. The Regent brings many new innovations and thoughtful details that make children comfortable and give parents peace of mind.

Source by Johnathan Ableser

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