Baby Car Seat – Never Leave Home Without It!

Baby car seats are essential equipment for today’s mobile family. However, not all car seats are created equally which is why it is absolutely necessary to have the right seat for your car and your baby in order to have maximum protection in case of an accident.

All parents are lost when it comes to choosing the perfect car seat for their baby. Every baby car seat manufacturer have their own sets of safety features that choosing the right one becomes a headache and equally frustrating.

The following are basic baby car seat choosing guide that you can use as a checklist when shopping around for the perfect unit for your baby:

  • Does it fit the car securely?
  • With the baby car seat fitted and mounted, is there enough room for a person to go across the seat without difficulty?
  • Does it install/uninstall easily?
  • What is the safety rating of the baby car seat?
  • What is the maximum weight of the child that the seat can hold?
  • Does it have above-the-head protection?
  • Is the baby car seat reversible, front facing and backward facing?
  • Is the instruction manual easy to understand and well illustrated?
  • Lastly, does it fir your budget?

Generally, the simplest and easiest baby car seat to use is the kind with a base that you can buckle securely into the car; this kind of baby car seat can be lifted off and carried around by the handle. This kind is very convenient because you can carry the baby anywhere even while strapped securely into the seat.

Never underestimate the importance of a baby car seat as it can prevent serious injury to your child as all children below 12 years of age are required by law to be seated in the back of the car, especially if your vehicle is equipped with driver and passenger air bags.

Whenever you bring your child along for a ride, be sure that the baby car seat is securely strapped and the baby is secure. Keep in mind to appropriately restrain your child at all times until your child is ready to use regular seatbelts. To make sure that regular seatbelts are okay, make sure the shoulder trap fits across the shoulder not the neck and that the lap belt fits across the hips and not the stomach.

Make sure that the baby car seat you buy has a label with the manufacturer’s address, contact number and seat model – you need this should a replacement be required.

Regardless of the make, model, color of the baby car seat you buy make sure it fits your vehicle and your baby is well protected for that priceless ease of mind and the safety of your loved one!

Source by Vincent Yim

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