Two Truths to Help You Choose the Perfect Infant Car Seat

At first sight it might seem a simple task to select and go out and buy a seat, but because they come from all types and sizes, amplifiers and air carriers, travel systems, one-way, two-way and two sections of the seat, it can be confusing. Here are the two truths to help you choose the perfect car seat for your infant.

1. Baby carrier (infant car seat)

They are usually made of durable plastic and easy to manipulate folding so you can easily get a sleeping baby in and out of the carriage. The baby is secured with an adjustable belt and the seats are fixed to the adult belt.

It fits either the front or rear passenger seat and the baby behind. Sometimes available as part of a system of travel, making them compatible with strollers, too. They are designed for newborn babies, usually up to about 8 to 12kg.

2. Combination / Two-way Seat

These versatile car seat for babies up to 18kg. A harness keeps baby safe and the seat is fixed to the seat by an adult safety belt. The seats tend to be bigger to carry the baby, you will need to provide infant with additional protection in a seat to ensure a tight fit. The seat is also not suitable to be taken inside or outside the car just as the carrier.

These are the two truth to help you choose and buy the perfect infant car seat. Also be sure to check for infant seat reviews for you to choose the right one.

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