Is It Worth Repairing Car Seats?

So you decided to have leather car seats in your vehicle, but now the time has come to start thinking about selling your care. However, as you look over your car through the eyes of the buyer, you now realize that those leather seats that looked so great a few years back have lost their luster. There are now creases and cracks, discoloration and maybe even a rip. So now the question becomes, is it really worth it to repair your car seats?

The answer – a resounding, yes! Unless, of course, you are not concerned about getting the best price possible for your vehicle. In most cases, the rips in car seats can be described as those that are on or near the seam, and those that are not. Each of these damages can be repaired, but the cost will often be higher for those repairs farther away from the seam.

So, what can you do to keep your car seat repair needs to a minimum? After all, the best scenario is to prevent problems before they can happen. So, to maintain great looking seats, use these tips.

· Prevent cracks by minimizing the amount of time your vehicle is in direct sunlight – especially on the extremely hot summer days where leather can become dried and brittle.

· Keep cigarettes, knives and other sharp items away from the leather.

· Should you notice that your leather is starting to pull away from the seams, have the repair made sooner rather than waiting to see what develops. Generally, once the damage begins it will only get worse and ultimately become more trouble than it is worth to repair.

· Make time every few months to clean and condition your car seats using the appropriate product – see your manufacturer's guidelines or talk to other seat repair pros in your area to learn what they recommend. If you don't take the time to clean and condition your seats, they will eventually show signs of wear because of sweat, dust, and dirt that will seep into the fabric. With leather seats, you will also have more trouble cracking and hardening if you do not condition your seats.

When it comes to care seat repairs, they are not something you want to overlook – especially if you have any intentions of trading in your vehicle! So, don't take a loss on your trade in value simply because the seats need to be repaired. Talk to a professional car seat repair company today.

Source by Janet Slagell

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