How To Keep Your Kids From Trashing Your Car

Most parents did not expect the mess and damage that young children can do to their cars. But as soon as kids reach that precious age of two, all hell breaks loose. Your car that you always kept so clean is now full of toys, spilled juice and sticky peanut butter. You can't help but feel anxiety when you enter your car and see the mess. While it's inevitable that your car will face some wear and tear from your kids, you can definitely cut down on some of the mess. Below are some ideas you can implement with your kids when riding in your car.

  • Use car seat covers: If you're a busy parent and don't have time to constantly clean and vacuum your car, then having a car seat cover is the best way to protect your seats. The seat cover will take most of the spills and stains, leaving your seats looking new and smelling clean and fresh all the time. Seats that aren't protected and are always getting spills and stains on them eventually get to a point where the stains are permanent. Keep the seats of your car protected with good quality car seat covers. Don't fall for cheap imitations, though. Cheap material may not protect food and drinks from leaking into the seat.
  • Limit the food and drink that enters the car: Unless you are going on a very long drive, try to have your kids eat before and after the car ride. You can still have some snacks in the car, but try to stay away from bright red fruit punch drinks or sticky foods like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Instead, give your kids clear juices in the car like Capri Sun which doesn't have any color additives. Snacks like pretzels, Cheerios and fruit snacks are a better alternative to any sticky food, like peanut butter.
  • Limit the amount of toys in the car: Your kids should definitely have some toys in the car to keep them entertained. But your son's little toy soldiers or your daughters dolls with all the clothes that come with it may be better left at home. A few books, a couple stuffed animals, and a few larger sized dolls and soldiers are better to take in the car. Things that fall into the cracks and under the seats are going to keep piling up and will make a mess in your car in no time.

Source by Ellen Langevitz

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