Cleaning Your Car For Passover

Cleaning your car for Passover is just as important as cleaning your house, but it definitely should not take as long. If you plan ahead and figure out what needs to be done, cleaning your car for Pesach should take you about 15 minutes. Many people mistake Passover cleaning for Spring cleaning, and drive themselves crazy doing much more than what is necessary. They then enter the Passover Seder miserable and exhausted, and unable to enjoy the holiday. Although your car does need to be cleaned, you can do this quickly and efficiently, leaving yourself precious time and energy. Below are a few tips for reducing that Passover anxiety when it comes to cleaning your car.

After many years of cleaning for Pesach and driving myself and my family crazy, I’ve come to realize that the trick for cleaning for this joyous holiday is plan ahead. You should approach the cleaning with calmness and a sense of humor. Driving yourself and everyone around you crazy only takes away from the holiday. Although according to the law you have to clean and check for chametz (leavening, including bread, cookies, cakes, and any derivatives or it) with everything you own, cleaning your car for Pesach is pretty simple.

You can actually plan ahead from the previous year’s Passover by getting car seat covers. This is going to save you a lot of time when cleaning your car. Car seat covers keep a lot of food from getting stuck in between the seats and the cracks, so most of what you’ll have to do is simply to remove the car seat cover and clean that. Check the instructions that came with your car seat cover on how to clean it. But you’ll see that it is much quicker and easier than cleaning the actual seats. You will still have to go over the actual seat with a vacuum, but you don’t have to check it as meticulously as you would if you didn’t have a car seat cover.

You’ll also have to remove the carpets and clean all the dirt on the floors and under the seats. You can quickly go over the floors with a vacuum.

Empty all the drawers and clean them out. There is no need to pour water or use a hose inside your car. Just Windex and some paper towels are enough. Just make sure to clean all the corners thoroughly and make sure there are not any crumbs stuck in the crevices.

There is no need to dismantle anything. If it is not accessible without having to dismantle it, then any chametz that may be in there would be null and void anyway, and you would not be responsible for it.

Source by Ellen Langevitz

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