Can You Upholster Your Car Seats Yourself?

But in these budget conscious times, you may be tempted to replace those tatty seats yourself. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and could be just what your truck needs. You may not do as good a job as the professionals but it will probably still look better than the old ones. Go and pick out some fabric. The type you chose will depend on your personal taste and your sewing skills. Velvet might be a good choice as it is fairly forgiving of the amateur sewer. It is also comfortable to sit on and fairly durable although it has to be said, it doesn’t mix well with wet weather or dogs!

Whatever material you chose will have to be cut and sewn to size. One way of doing this is to take apart the existing covering and using this as a pattern. It is not ideal as you may transfer stretching and other irregularities to the new covers but it may be the only way you can manage to do it.

If this all seems like too much work, you could consider just adding new seat covers. Most car models are provided for as it is important that you pick the correct shape and fit. Otherwise they will look dreadful. The custom seat covers will take account of the shape of the seat, the head rests and the seat controls. They are a very economical way to improve the appearance of your car although if you are renovating a very old model car you may not be able to find a custom fit.

Source by Chris Hartpence

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