An Introduction To Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog car seat covers are used to protect seats of the car from dog-related problems. Dogs are known to shed their hair, drip their saliva and bring their muddy paws into cars. All of these are reasons enough to permanently soil car seats. Hence, dog car seat covers are used as protection for the seats.

Car seat covers designed for dogs are usually made for the rear seats. They are better suited to vehicles such as SUVs. These covers do not drape over the seat completely; rather they are like mats over the seats over which the dogs can rest. Some covers can also fit over the seats; whether they are bucket or bench seats. They can be attached to the seats by means of straps, strings, Velcro fasteners or zippers. They may also have elastic straps with hooks with which to secure the pet onto the car seat cover.

Dog car seat covers are available in a wide variety of materials. Some popular materials are synthetic vinyl, neoprene, rubber, etc. The material should provide a grip to the dog so as to prevent its slipping down. Moreover, the material should also be stain-resistant and easy to wash. These dog car seat covers can be machine washed and hang dried quite conveniently. It is important to wash dog car seat covers regularly and also fumigate them to secure hygiene of both the dog and the people traveling in the vehicle. Dog car seat covers have a firm grip, but an inner foam lining which provides more comfort to the dog as it travels.

Some dog aficionados custom-design their car seat covers for their pet dogs. By doing so, they get a choice of material and patterns. Some manufacturers design car seat covers in a standard size that can fit all vehicles. The price of a standard dog car seat cover is $ 30 or more; custom-designed covers may cost much more.

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